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Welcome to SIGHT Japan!

SIGHT is an acronym meaning Services for Information, Guidance, and Hospitality for Travelers. SIGHT connects Mensans who want to meet other Mensans and gives advice to travellers, such as to stay or visit. SIGHT is not an immigration visa agency, a job placement agency or a place to find long-term accommodation. SIGHT is a system for foreign travellers.

If you live in Japan, you can't use the SIGHT Japan program. Please contact to the Japan Mensa's committee.

To use SIGHT Japan, please get an ID at Mensa International (MI):

And then, submit the contact form below. "Profile page on MI" will help us to confirm your membership.

Some personal information will be displayed on the Japan Mensa's bulletin board such as name, country, gender, age range, profession, arrival date and place, departure date and place, visiting cities, languages, and self-introduction sentences.

*Once the introduction has been made, Mensa is no longer involved and arrangements are agreed between travellers and hosts.

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Event List

"Event details" are generally only in Japanese.
If you are interested in the following events, mention it in the "Message" on the contact form.

Event Date Closing Date Location Detail
June 2, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) June 2, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) Tokyo View event detail
June 23, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) June 7, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) Tokyo View event detail
June 29, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) June 29, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) Tokyo View event detail
June 30, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) June 29, 2024 (Asia/Tokyo) Kanagawa View event detail