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Event Title フィーカしませんか?
Event Date October 7, 2023 (Asia/Tokyo)
Closing Date October 6, 2023 (Asia/Tokyo)
Location Hyogo

Description in English

Ska vi fika?

"Fika" is Swedish culture, and it is a custom to enjoy chatting while drinking coffee with sweets.

To put it simply, it's just a "coffee break", but it's stylish saying isn't it ?
And I dared to use the word with a joy of knowing someting new.

The purpose of this meeting is to promote interaction, and the content is simply to enjoy conversation while drinking coffee.
I will facilitate the event to some extent, we do self-introduction, information exchange, intellectual exchange, etc.

The fee is for food and drinks of your own only.
It is a relaxed meeting where you are welcome to join or leave midway through. Feel free to join us

Description in Japanese






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